Hello! I'm Niza! Nice to meet you 😊

I am a designer and founder of Friday Mood. This brand represents who I am. I am passionate about fashion and I am a fitness enthusiast. In 2019 I founded Friday Mood in Barcelona. I love creating fun and feminine swimwear and sportswear for confident and authentic women.

I believe that together we can generate a positive social and environmental impact. My goal is to inspire women to make real change together in the fashion industry.

Friday Mood Clothing is always up to date with the latest fashion trends , while being conscious of the environmental impact on the world we live in. I used to work for one of the largest fashion retail companies and have seen the working conditions and reality of fashion. So I want to be the CHANGE in this fashion sector, taking care of the social environment and supporting local commerce in Spain. Who says fashion can't be responsible and pretty at the same time 😉 ?

And who makes your Friday Mood Bikinis?

The workshop is located in Barcelona. I work with one of the best workshops with high quality standards. I have established fair trade, ensuring good working conditions for hardworking people. Supporting women to develop their careers.

That's what makes our garments valuable!